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Apple hit its biggest market last year when it started to sell their iPhone 5S and 5C in China. While the iPhone 6 was released there to a much quieter fanfare when it started selling last month, there is no doubt that people want to get their hands on any iPhone.

In China, most people have pre-ordered their phones to great success. Sometimes though, you have to go the extra mile (or 1,211 miles) to get in on the latest trends. Other times, your life is so awesome that you only have time to make your friend servant in a faraway province buy it and send it to you. But then, disaster strikes!

Read on after the jump to learn about this recent case of theft “bearing fruit” on Chinese internet sites.

It all started one evening, when one woman in China thought that she’d like a new iPhone. Luckily, she had a really great friend who was willing to buy the phone and then conveniently it over to her. That friend was even kind enough to get the iPhone in glimmering gold.

Excitement and impatience filled the woman’s heart as the only thing that stood between her and her new gadget was shipping time. How could she wait five whole days?!

The blessed day finally arrived and the package felt like a weight in her hands, a dreadful heaviness that seemed to be more than just an iPhone. The packaging was also suspicious, with evidence of it being ripped and re-taped on the sides.

fruit iphone 3

fruit iphone 2

Uneasiness began to fill her mind, what in the world had happened? As she tore into the package, she revealed the true source of her despair. Her precious iPhone had been turned into fruit! And it wasn’t even an apple!

Instead it was a pear and an orange! Blasphemy! 

fruit iphone 1

Questions consumed her, followed by the distinct clenching of fists and pursing of the lips. With little in the way of clues, and assurances from her friend that she had sent the phone, she could only turn to the company that had shipped her package.

fruit iphone 4

They had little to say and even less to offer, with only a 1,000 yuan (about US $163.57) insurance compensation available to attempt to quell her anger.

The least they could have done was provide her with a pear phone!

fruit iphone 5

This troubling case of incorrect fruit for phone substitution remains unsolved. We can only assume that the victim of the nabbing remains in her apartment with her sad stack of cash in one hand and her fruit in the other.

Source: Toychan
Images: Flickr (Ashok Govind), Weibo, iCarly Wikia