When making a good commercial, the advertiser must attract the viewer’s attention and leave a lasting impression. At times this could be by highlighting the truly amazing feature of a product or with a truly memorable character like the Noid. You all remember him, right…right?

Now, the “3+2” line of sandwich cookies by Chinese brand Master Kong may have struck gold with a truly engaging character to promote it. We’ll call him the Boy Who Constantly Stumbles Into Prison Sex Situations. If that doesn’t make you hungry, then I don’t know what will.

I would try to explain what’s going on in this commercial, but it’s surprisingly hard to put into words. It plays out like someone’s dream or nightmare in that lucidity seems to play fleeting roles. Better to take a look for yourself.

I found when watching this advertisement with a completely empty mind it was rather cute and funny, sort of like watching a young child walk into a wall. However, the more I tried to actually think about what was going on, the more it became kind of sad and confusing, again like watching a young child walk into a wall.

First off our protagonist walks into a rather dubious shower room.

My first guess would be a prison, but it seems pretty bright and well-kept for a penitentiary. All the men are also a little too clean-cut to be outlaws. So perhaps this is some kind of gay shower club? I don’t know if those actually exist but if they do I think the kid would have realized it at some point before going in this far.

After getting thrown by the sight of one man sensually washing another’s back, our hero accidentally kicks his soap into the deepest corner of the room. It’s at that point that by bending over his butt causes an entire wall to come crashing down, piping and all.

This only exacerbates the situation as behind said wall are about a half-dozen other muscular guys all interested in him rather than each other for some reason.

They start to line up single-file with what appears to be Matthew Broderick in front. Luckily, our little guy happened to have a pack of 3+2 cookies…in the shower. He takes a bite and offers the rest to the mob. This triggers a Pavlovian reaction in the men causing them to begin to dance slightly – all without breaking eye contact for a second for added creepiness.

Again, if you’ve chosen to take the thinking route, this commercial will probably leave you with an uneasy feeling. As it played out, the situation didn’t seem fully resolved. Even as they ate their cookies, they all still seem to be just staring at the main character naked in the shower he had only just destroyed a part of.

Will he have to pay for the damages? Will the men still have their way with the protagonist? Was the boy actually trolling for some man-on-six-men action the whole time? Did the cookies turn the men into the boy’s own personal army of homoerotic super-soldiers?

The answers to these questions are unclear but one thing is for certain: You now know what 3+2 cookies are. And in the end, isn’t that all that matters?

Source: That’s (English)
Video: YouTube – That’s Online