A promotional video for upcoming film “Kamisama no Iutoori” (“As The Gods Will” in English) has been attracting a lot of attention online recently due to its shocking content.

Due for release on November 15, the film is an adaptation of a manga series which tells the story of a group of high school kids who, after their teacher is killed, are forced to play a number of childhood games with a horrifying twist in order to survive. In a homage to the movie, its promo features a group of bikini-clad girls playing the same game, but with tragic consequences.

At the beginning of the horror story itself, the students are forced by a demonic Daruma – a Dharma doll in English – to play a popular kids’ game called “Daruma san ga Koronda.” The rules of the game are pretty much the same as the game “Statues”: One person is “it” and stands in front of the group, turning their back to them. Instead of counting to 10, “it” calls out “Daruma-san ga koronda” however quickly or slowly they like (there are in fact 10 syllables in the Japanese sentence, which means “The daruma doll fell over.”) before whirling around to see if anyone is moving. For the other players, the object of the game is to get close to enough to touch whomever is “it” without being caught.

In Kamisama no Iutoori, however, being caught by the Daruma means much more than being sent back to the start line; it means death by explosion.

Here’s the trailer video of the film. Since it’s a horror flick, viewer discretion is advised!

The video that has been causing so much chatter online, though, isn’t actually the one you’ve just watched. Rather, it’s the promotional video below. In it, six sexy idols are forced to play the same game, creeping up on the giant-faced doll. At first it’s all bikinis and boobs, but before long things take a turn for the tragic, and we learn that sometimes there’s such a thing as too much jiggle.

I suppose that’s one way to get people talking!

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