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In marketing, it’s important to deliver on the various components of the expectations you create. For example, if I advertise an apartment as having a toilet and shower, but after you move in you discover it actually only has one of those, you’re going to be pretty upset, right?

Likewise, we imagine a lot of people were excited when they heard about this video spreading around the Japanese Internet, where it’s been described with the lead-in, “The sexy ice cream stand girl in Taiwan that everyone’s talking about!” After all, ice cream and sexy people are two of the most popular things on the planet.

But it turns out that breathless description is only half-true.

Taipei’s Songshan District is home to some of the Taiwanese capital’s most bustling night markets. Of course, if you’re spending your nights shopping, you’re not spending them cooking, so there’s plenty of food available, including desserts.

Even with hordes of commerce-focused consumers milling about, though, it’s always important to make sure to differentiate yourself from your competitors. To that end, this Songshan sweets stand specializes in cheesecake, and we’re not talking about the edible kind.

▼ Funny that she’s wearing just a tiny tank top, when there are so many shirts right behind her.

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To be fair, it does look like the woman is more than just a pretty face. She also shows off a very impressive set of diligence and cordialness, as she attends to her work responsibilities while chatting with someone off-camera.

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Still, we can’t shake the suspicion that more than a few of the customers surrounding the stall are there less for the establishment’s products and more for the employee’s goods.

▼ And smile, of course.

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The display left some Internet users in Japan feeling a might peckish, with one proclaiming, “Okay, I’m off to Taipei!” Another even seemed to have found the secret to solving Japan’s economic woes, declaring, “The key to recovery is going back to a five-percent consumption tax, and uniforms like this!”

Lost in all of the stomach rumbling and tongue wagging, though, is one minor detail everyone seems to have overlooked.

That stand is not selling ice cream.

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Those are crepes, and considering the dessert is so popular in Japan someone even made a vending machine that sells them, we’re kind of surprised no one noticed the difference. Sure, a few of them have what looks to be ice cream inside, but calling a crepe stand that uses ice cream an ice cream joint is like calling MOS Burger a steak restaurant because there’s beef between the buns.

Even then, though, we guess no one would mind as long as everything came with a generous side order of melons.

▼ Her crepes are down here, people!

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Source: Xuite via Go Go Tsushin
Images: Xuite (edited by RocketNews24)