Earlier this year we introduced you to “virgin boy eggs,” eggs twice-boiled in little boys’ urine. As it is a Chinese dish, we’re not sure if these delicacies are enjoyed on the islands of Indonesia – but don’t worry, they don’t need “virgin boy eggs” there, they get theirs from the other side of the spectrum.

Today, I introduce you to “old man eggs,” chicken eggs which are “laid” by a 62-year-old Indonesian man.

Now, as fishy as it sounds, here is the story: On November 3, Naim Kong finished up work at the printing office in Jakarata and complained to his friend about a pain in his stomach. Being the good friend that he is, Effendi Zainal carried his buddy into the break room and gently massaged his stomach. But then, he went through something that no friend should ever have to witness – a chicken egg emerging from Kong’s anus.

Well, that’s weird.

Here’s the kicker though: This is the fourth egg to spontaneously emerge from Kong’s bowels. Back in 1998, while living on Java, he “laid” three eggs in three months. Despite his visits to the hospital, the doctors could find no explanation for this weird phenomenon and just gave up trying.

▼ I wonder if he puts all of his eggs in one basket.

eggs basket

Image: PDA Pic

No details have been given about the kind of egg it was, other than being obviously round and white from the picture. Raw? Boiled? Fertilized? I can’t imagine anyone could swallow a raw egg whole, or even a peeled boiled egg, for that matter. But even if you could swallow one, would an egg be able to pass through the meters of digestive organs without any sign of being broken-down by stomach acids. One commenter suggests that maybe he is keeping a chicken in his stomach. While highly unlikely, if that is the case, why hasn’t it laid an egg in 16 years?!

Perhaps a more sound theory would be that he’s into some weird stuff in the bedroom and just forgot to extract his “toy” before work – or even worse, it got stuck and a stomach massage was the only answer.

Whether it really is a natural phenomenon, a plea for fifteen minutes of fame or just an embarrassing episode that Kong wants to forget, I’ll leave you with a final question for you to ponder: Do you think they ate the egg?

Source: livedoor NEWS 
Image: Xinhuaxia News