Apple products are always the talk of the town whenever new models are released, and it seems like quite a number of Chinese fans are willing to go to the extreme for these popular gadgets (remember that guy who rented out his girlfriend in order to earn money for an iPhone 6?).

A Chinese programmer made the news recently when he confessed his love for his female colleague not just with flowers but with 99 of the much sought-after iPhone 6 smartphones. Despite the extravagance, however, it would seem that the young lady still wasn’t interested.

November 11 is known as ‘Singles’ Day’ in China, where lonely souls comfort one another with gifts while others try to graduate from single life by actively seeking a boyfriend or girlfriend or asking their current beaux to tie the knot. This young game developer seemingly had his heart set on the former, and came up with a scheme to confess to a female colleague on whom he long had a crush.

For some reason or other, the young man decided that the best way to show his feelings would be to buy 99 iPhone 6 smartphones, arrange them in a heart shape on the ground, and confess to the object of his affection while standing in the middle of it.


According to Chinese netizens, one 16GB iPhone 6 would cost about 5,288 yuan (roughly US$826), meaning that this extravagant expression of love – provided he didn’t just stack up a load of empty boxes or fakes – probably cost the lovestruck game designer more than $85,000.

Amused Chinese netizens had mocked the dramatic display, referencing the case of a Chinese teenager selling his kidney for an iPad.

▼ That’s 99 kidneys right there!


According to social media, however, the lucky lady has yet to formally respond to the poor guy’s confession of love or even ask him what on earth she’s supposed to do with dozens of phones to begin with.

Source/Images: Games QQ, h/t Kotaku US