There’s another batch of shocking “before and after” pics of plastic surgery doing the rounds: transformation pictures of Chinese women, accompanied by captions listing the procedures the women have had, from double eyelid surgery to rhinoplasty.

I’m not a doctor, but I do have eyes, and surgery is not the only thing going on in these pictures. There are heaps of other factors that make these amazing post-surgery photos look better than the “before” shots. Here are but a few.

The Chinese women in these photos all travelled to South Korea to go under the knife. Seoul is arguably the cosmetic surgery capital of the world, with 1 in 5 women aged 18 to 49 having had some kind of procedure, but let’s be careful not to overgeneralise here. Saying that there’s an “extreme plastic surgery craze in Asia” based on statistics about Seoul is like saying there’s an extreme Irn Bru craze in Europe because the fizzy orange stuff is popular in Scotland (where it outsells Coca Cola, since you asked).

Oh, and the surgery actually looks quite good if you like that kind of thing (which I don’t). But I digress. Here’s how to make a transformation shot so good, it’s literally unbelievable!

▼ Take the “after” photo in lovely soft studio lighting.


▼ In the before shot, have the girl scowl. Afterwards: smile!


▼ In fact, light the “after” photo so her skin also looks a completely different colour.


▼ Put a sneaky bit of cleavage into the “after” shot.


▼ Or a naked shoulder!


▼ Before: have her stand facing the camera straight-on. After: turn to one side, with a sassy hand on the hip.


▼ In fact, just take the new photo from a 90 degree different angle.


▼ Before: monochrome. After: life is full of colour!


▼ Before: shorts and T-shirts. After: matching lacy dresses.


▼ Remove any unconventional headgear for the “after” photo.


▼ Print the scowling “before” photo onto a placard/ping pong paddle.


▼ Give her a completely different hairstyle to go with her new face.


▼ And let’s not forget the greatest non-surgical tool of all: the airbrush.


Remember: if something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

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Images:, via Shanghaiist