Barbie, the popular fashion doll from America, has been a style icon ever since her creation back in 1959. Now, at the age of 55, the controversial bombshell is hitting the streets of Harajuku – quite literally – this time inside the clear soles of some amazing, if kind of creepy, shoes.

The shoes that have everybody talking are from footwear designer Jeffrey Campbell’s summer 2013 collection.

Barbie head

Called the Icy Wedge, the clear, lucite heel is filled with Barbie doll heads. Cute and creepy all at the same time, creative cosplayers in Harajuku have embraced the shoes wholeheartedly.

Barbie head

Japanese fans may have come late to the Barbie shoe trend but they’re making up for lost time by tweeting the news to friends with pictures of their new purchases on Twitter.

▼ What would Buzz and Woody say?

Barbie head shoes2@snnn_yuipon

Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken, is also encapsulated inside the clear soles. Store displays are scenes of heartbreak as the two lovers can do nothing but stare at each other longingly.

Barbie head shoes14@kenttobanana

Keep the romance alive below your ankles with a mixed Ken and Barbie pair. They may not be able to enjoy each other’s touch but at least they can enjoy the scenery.

Barbie head

Ken will stare down the competition like a possessive boyfriend. Did he always wear so much makeup?

Barbie head

Some commenters see the body-less heads and the stamping above them as a metaphor for a deeper message about fashion and beauty ideals.

Barbie head

The clear compartments make perfect carriages for other interesting items, opening up an endless array of conversation-starting options. Here we have a group of cherub-faced little Kewpie mayonnaise dolls.

Barbie head shoes18

The sole of the white shoe behind Barbie is filled with dollar bills! If only there were a way to open it up and get in there.

Barbie head

Or you can simply lift the mood of everyone you encounter with some smiley faces.

Barbie head

Whether it’s smiles, gasps or shocked stares, these shoes are bound to get a reaction wherever you go. And that’s why they’ve found a happy home in Harajuku, a place where anything goes.

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