A few weeks ago, we saw a cat that could walk backwards on two legs like it was no big deal. At the time, we jokingly wrote it off as just another quirky cat thing that cats do, because cats.

But now that we’ve seen this video of another feline lying prone, belly-up, staring into the abyss as though it’s seen into the eyes of Cthulhu, we’re starting to wonder if maybe there’s some sort of strange otherworldly madness slowly destroying the minds of Japan’s cats:

Thankfully, though, judging by some of the other videos this cat’s owner has posted on YouTube, weird behavior is just part of little Sara’s daily routine.

Then again, with cats invading convenience stores en masse in Japan recently, it’s definitely safe to say that crazy cat behavior is on the rise. Whether or not that’s something that worries you probably depends on how suspicious you were of cats in the first place, though.