Using clean lines and simple concepts inspired by everyday objects, Chinese artist Shanghai Tango has attracted much attention on Tumblr for his adorable minimalistic cartoons. Each one inspires us to see the world around in a different light and a scroll through his blog quickly enlightened us. Shanghai Tango’s art is nothing dramatic, but every piece brought a smile to our faces. Check it out after the jump!

Shanghai Tango’s art is themed upon ordinary things like animals and things you’d find lying about in your living room. He works magic by changing the perspective of a certain object using only a few clean-cut strokes, transforming what we see as one thing into another thing altogether. On top of that, his cartoons are all funny. Not that ROFL kind of funny, but a refined, monochrome kind of humor that won’t hurt you in the ribs.

▼ A new take on those obnoxious ‘selfie sticks’


▼ Someone’s not having a good day.



▼ Just when you think you’re all alone…


▼ When two become one, let there be light

5▼ Shanghai Tango also does cute magic with animals


 ▼ Now you see penguins, now you don’t


▼ He also uses real life objects in his drawings


▼ Which stinks more, your mouth or your feet?


 ▼ My personal favorite – grape bullets turn into wine!


Now, that was some good art that makes a day better. Shanghai Tango is definitely on our ‘Favorite Artists’ list now!

Source/Images: Shanghai Tango, h/t boredpanda