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Lighting is an important part of photography. Arrange some candles on a table one way before you press the shutter button, and you’ve got a snapshot of a romantic dinner. Position everything differently, and you’ve got a spooky séance.

The same goes for if you’re photographing your pet cat. Under certain conditions, he might look like a fluffy little fuzzball, but if the flash reflects off his eyes just right, suddenly he’ll transform into a sinister monster, like this guy here.

Actually, Internet users in Japan recently put together what looks like the core cast of a fantasy role-playing game, with villains and heroes alike represented.

Before we get to the forces of good, here’s another shot of our antagonist, and a few online reactions to what seem to be the wicked mystical forces contained in his eyes.

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“I don’t think there’s any way I could beat him”
“I bet he gets two attacks each turn.”
“It looks like he started out disguised as a human, but now he’s reverted to his true form.”

Of course, being the last boss of a video game means that you’re first and foremost, well, a boss. You have to be able to delegate, which is why after pictures of the Lord of Darkness here appeared online, others chipped in with another fierce-looking feline, who seems like he’d make a worthy henchman.

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Intimidation is often as effective a tactic as actually busting heads or eating villagers, though. So the boss’ right-paw man is a master of stink eye, which he pairs here with the cat version of a sophisticated slicked-back hairdo, because just because you’re evil doesn’t mean you don’t have class.

▼ “He looks totally confident in his ‘villain face,’” observed one online commenter.

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Of course, this fantasy epic won’t go anywhere without a team of good guys to oppose this diabolic duo. This stouthearted fellow looks up to the task of being our adventurous champion.

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And finally, such a stalwart knight should naturally be paired with an equally regal lady.

▼ Continuing the long tradition of female video game mages, one commenter predicted she’s capable of casting Dragon Quest’s kacrack ice magic.

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But our heroes will have to be more than just brave and strong. They’ll need to be smart, too, for their adversaries are capable of concealing their malicious identities, as shown by yet another photo of the Dark Lord without his gleaming evil eyes.

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Don’t be deceived! Don’t be taken in by his harmless, adorable guise! Whatever you do, don’t hug him!

Aww, what are we saying? Come here, you!

▼ “You fools! You’ve fallen under my powers of hypnosis! Now your world, and all of its yarn, is mine! Mine! Mine!!!”

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Source: Hamster Sokuho
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