Remember when you were in school and had to do that dreaded health and fitness check in PE class? Turns out those trials aren’t just for little homo sapiens.

A few days ago, workers at the Pu’er Sun River national park were checking the health of their endangered charges ahead of some research projects and got some pretty adorable snaps in the process.

Fifty-seven different species were checked on a range of different metrics from classics like height and weight to more unusual ones like decibels of sound they can produce.



▼This slow loris is more interested in being freaking adorable than stepping on that scale.


▼Red pandas don’t care though. Fun fact: you can’t fat shame a panda.


▼You can, however, entice them to crawl up your leg for a bit of fruit.


▼Luckily, bears have a slightly sturdier stadiometer.


▼A rhino checks the sample he’s just, uh, “deposited.”


With the exception of the rhino dung, endangered animal health checker looks like the most amazing job ever!

Source: Shanghaist, People’s Daily
Images: Sina