Come next year, Chinese Disney fans will no longer need to travel to Hong Kong to get their magical fix as plans for the massive Shanghai Disney Resort were finally announced at the 2014 China International Tourism Trade Fair. The Resort will not only be home to Shanghai Disneyland, but also two themed hotels, as well as a large shopping and dining area aptly named ‘Disney Town’, all centered around a beautiful artificial lake. We sure are curious to find out how Mickey and Minnie will sound like speaking Shanghainese!

Shanghai Disney Resort will be the sixth Disney resort in the world, and the third in Asia after those in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Like all other Disney theme parks, Shanghai Disneyland will feature six themed areas filled with characters and story from the Disney universe.

Special to the Shanghai theme park will be the first ever dedicated ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ themed area, the largest Cinderella castle in the world, as well as a ‘Twelve Friends Park’ area that will showcase oriental colors unique to China. We’re guessing Mulan will live there?


The magic doesn’t end when you leave the theme park, though. The Shanghai Disney Resort will house two themed hotels. One of them will be the classic Disney-themed hotel, while the other will be the first ever Toy Story-themed hotel.


▼ The only Toy Story-themed hotel in the world!


Apart from the theme park and hotels, there will also be a lakeside ‘Disney Town’ where guests can shop and dine at ease while enjoying street performances, fireworks and the beautiful night views of the lake.


On top of that, there will also be a Walt Disney Theatre in the Broadway section of the shopping district that will put on the first ever Mandarin adaptation of award-winning Disney Broadway classic Lion King.


The Shanghai Disney Resort sure sounds like a massive project fit for the Middle Kingdom. Will you be checking it out when it opens?

Source/Images: Xinhua, h/t The Nan Fang