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There isn’t much to dislike about fall. The weather has finally turned to a comfortable temperature and the colors of the fallen leaves fill you with awe and playfulness. People and animals alike always enjoy the autumnal weather to its fullest as we all know what is to come, the “stay-at-home-under-the-kotatsu” cold of winter.

So while it lasts, enjoy some of the creative pictures of fall collected from all over Japan. Maybe it will inspire you to get outside and frolic around too.

One of the best things about fall is the vibrant colors. The luckiest of us see our neighborhoods change into all colors of the rainbow. It’s as if someone took a paint sample and splashed it all over the trees. Photographers and gallant artists around Japan are delighting in the fallen leaves and have captured some whimsical moments in photos so the rest of us can enjoy them.

The variety of colors spread from one color spectrum to the other.

Someone else also took this opportunity to invoke a colorful logo from the past.

“Think different.”

Of course not every area will get such a stunning display of colors. But that doesn’t stop people from having some fun with the fallen leaves.

Made by your friendly neighborhood security guy. He’s famous in Kyoto for his leaf art.

Even the magical cast members of Disney are getting in on the fun.

You can find Mickey anywhere. That’s Disney magic!

Eventually though, all those leaves need to be gathered up and put somewhere. Why not make a soft and fun play area for the children first!

Apparently there is candy in this leaf pile. Which mascot will jump in first?

It’s not just the humans who get to enjoy the fallen leaves, animals love running around during autumn too.

I’ve gathered these leaves for us!

Thanks for gathering these leaves for me.
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All these leaves are food for me?

Before the last leaves fall off the trees and the winter frost whitens our mornings, let’s all enjoy the last pleasantries of fall. Winter is certainly coming.

Bring back fall!

Source: Matome Naver
Top Image: RocketNews24