In some countries where bicycles are a major means of transportation, such as in China, cyclists enjoy the privilege of having their own lane on the road separate from cars and buses for better road safety. Understandably, cars are not supposed to be driven on these bicycle-only lanes, but there are always a couple of rebels who like to think that rules exist to be broken instead of abided by.

Well, bad luck for this rule-breaking driver spotted driving on a bicycle lane in Beijing, because he got stuck in a face-off with a gutsy foreigner who simply refused to let him have his way!

Weibo user Mr Long (@longye70008) spotted the unusual incident on the Yao Jia Yuan Road in Beijing, and was quick enough to snap a few photos of the brave cyclist who stood up for against a rule-offender in a foreign land. In his tweet (weeb?) Mr Long commended the man for his determination not to let the selfish driver use the bike lane.

▼ “Nope.”


▼ “You shall not paaaass!”




The car driver was probably making use of the bicycle lane to get ahead of traffic as it’s obvious in the photos that the regular lanes were pretty occupied in contrast to the sparsely used bike lane. We’re not sure if the just foreigner could speak Chinese, but it looks like it probably wasn’t even necessary here as he positioned his bicycle horizontally as a roadblock between himself and the offending car, his body language conveying the message loud and clear: “Get outta here, lawbreaker.”

How the incident ended is a mystery; we definitely hope the driver learnt his lesson and steers clear of bicycle lanes from now on, but either way, the unnamed hero absolutely deserves two thumbs up and a shiny sticker for his chivalry.

Source: Tencent News via Shanghaiist
Images: @longye70008 on Weibo