Who said heroes don’t exist? In Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan they most certainly do!

Read on to meet the IBALIGER robot-superhero group and the female member who netizens have been describing as “too sexy”.

Jikuu Senshi IBALIGER (Space-time soldier IBALIGER) are a group of IRL heroes based in Ibaraki, north-east of Tokyo. They first appeared in 2007 and now go around doing shows and meet-and-greets at various events and festivals.

IBALIGER aren’t official mascots of the prefecture so this is all private, paid work, but being heroes they also often do free events for charity and have been especially involved with victims of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. So without further ado, let’s introduce some of the IBALIGER characters.

The main humanoid robot who took over from IBALIGER 1st. Special attacks: Space-time Smashing Chrono Break and Space-time Fist Brave Impact. Obviously.


A fearsome fighter. Special attacks: Space-time Torpedo Fist and Space-time Invasion Chrono Remake.

81252532_624.v1416804498Photo: Photozou

The IBALIGER prototype.

B1zLnCGIQAIVIwAPhoto: Twitter

However cool the other guys are, it’s one of their female members, IBAGIRL, that’s been getting the most attention online. She’s a support droid for the group and is supposed to be a humanoid robot, although she manages some very flexible poses in her skin-tight suit. Her orange-and-white uniform is adorned with sweet heart shapes that may appeal to more feminine tastes, like the pink Power Ranger I always wanted to be when I was younger. IBAGIRL’s special attack is Eternal Wind Flare. Check out some of this lycra-suited cutie’s photos below.

While they might not be running around stopping crime, the IBALIGER group brings fun and a fighting spirit to Ibaraki Prefecture in the much-loved Super Sentai style. Japan will surely never tire of its faceless heroes dressed in head-to-toe lycra.


Source: Hachima Kikou, Official IBALIGER Website
Feature image: Twitter