What makes or breaks your decision to purchase something new and unfamiliar? For some shoppers it may be the peculiarity of a product that loosens their purse strings. Others may be won over by the low price or high quality of an item. And then there are those who have a weak spot for clever packaging.

Of course, price and quality matter, but the packaging of a product plays a significant role too despite the sad fact that it usually ends up in the trash soon after the product has been taken home. If you’re fond of interesting, creative, unique packaging designs, take a peek at this little collection!

You’ve probably heard of the idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but at the same time, the existence of such an idiom is probably also proof that humans tend to be swayed by appearances. Which is why manufacturers spend time and money on package design to capture the attention of consumers. If I saw these interestingly packaged products on the shelf at a store, I would probably have a hard time keeping myself from reaching for my wallet!

▼ Earphones that play music.xWtpFU4

▼ We wonder if this spaghetti tastes anything like New York City.tSbcaAQ

▼ Orange juice in a cute orange packaging. That’s a really small carton of juice though.BmPJnm4


▼ Black melon bread that passes itself off as an afro haircut.9n9yHnE

▼ Wanna hang out over a cuppa tea?XXSr1t6

▼ If you’re not fond of birds, there are goldfish teabags too.i7DCkeq

▼ This could be a good way to test if someone has had too many beers.1qvD3iG

▼ Doggy treats that are good for the teeth.2U74XLX

▼ Little blisters of olive oil dressings, perfect for picnics and parties.3o5dZug


▼ This perfume probably rocks.Jgv2xVH

▼ Matches being carried by a tiny truck.9gbsRJB

▼ Beverages for lonely people.atopPhH


I don’t think I would want to french kiss a green drooling monster, but I would probably be tempted by that intriguing packaging nonetheless. Have you ever bought something just because its packaging looked nice?

Source/images: Imgur/Unmotivating via Zhaizhai News