Usually cats don’t show much appreciation for anything other than food and the warmth of a good heater in winter. So it came as a complete surprise when a pet owner in Japan noticed their cat had developed an obsession with ice skating world champion Yuzuru Hanyū.

While it’s not clear if the excited feline secretly harbours a desire to glide gracefully across the ice, there’s no doubt that Hanyū is the object of this cat’s attention, with its paws and eyes continually following the skater all around the screen.

After taking home the gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics, nineteen-year-old Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyū became the nation’s golden boy, winning adoring fans not only in his home country but also around the world. His appeal crosses the boundaries of age, gender, race … and species, if this cat’s adoring gaze is anything to go by.


It’s easy to understand a cat being mesmerised by images on a television screen, but this furry fan ignores everyone else in the picture, honing in time and time again on Japan’s star skater.

▼ Hi Hanyū! Can you see me?


Japanese netizens have fallen in love with the kitten’s adoring head tilt and desperate attempts to reach into the television screen to touch the object of its affection. Keep trying little one! If all else fails, your ever-faithful owner will always be waiting to give you a snuggle anyway.

▼ Forget the pretty girls picking up flowers. It’s all about Hanyū.


Source: Hamusoku