A while back we wrote about a little girl named Kristina Pimenova – a then-5-or-so year-old Russian model that was just the most adorable thing ever. Posing in over-sized clothes like she’d just raided her older sister’s closet, she was basically the definition of adolescent cuteness.

Well, now she’s grown up and the Internet’s feelings about little Pimenova – now eight – have grown considerably more complicated.

See, while Pimenova’s body has grown in normal proportion to her age, her face appears to have rapidly evolved into the face of a 20-something with perfectly molded cheekbones, sharp jaw and piercing eyes. This being the Internet, people have obviously been a little unsure of how to react to this.

While our very own (female) Japanese RocketNews24 writer mostly just gushes about little Pimenova’s exceptional good looks as far as they meet the Japanese concept of the western ideal of beauty, the rest of the Internet, as well as Pimenova’s agent (which may or may not be her parents), seem to have more complicated, Lolita-esque feelings about the little girl – as evidenced by her millions of Facebook followers, the creepy comments therein, and the feverish, out-of-left-field debates about whether or not she’s Polish.

Polish or not, Pimenova is obviously blessed with classical beauty and we hope it only brings positive, and not unwanted, attention to her in life as she grows up.

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