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It’s no secret that Japan loves Disney’s recent hit Frozen, known in Japan as Anna and the Snow Queen. With the thermometer hitting the single digits (Celsius) in Japan, it’s getting pretty chilly outside these days, leading to a new Frozen related trend.

The trend, which combines lyrics from the Frozen hit “Let It Go” and the winter weather, is both stupid and oh so entertaining. Believe me, you’ll want to do it too.

If you aren’t familiar with the song, the chorus ends with the Snow Queen, Elsa, singing the line, “The cold never bothered me anyway.” The Japanese version is translated a little differently, ending up as, “I’m not even a little bit cold.” (In Japanese: Sukoshimo samukunai wa.)

So what’s the trend? Open a window to the cold outdoors and say (or sing), “The cold never bothered me anyway.” See? I told you it was stupid, but I guarantee you will be laughing. Can you even do it without cracking a smile, or shivering and shutting the window immediately?

▼ Would you be cold if you opened this window?

While many people are trying it, not everyone is Snow Queen material:

“It’s too cold!! Lol”

“It’s cold out? I’m not even a little bit cold.”

“I’m not cold at all… (while wearing a thick coat).”


“When I opened the window, the room temperature went down 10C, but the wind felt good.”

“Sometimes I say this when I close the freezer.”

Unfortunately, I am not much of a Snow Queen and had to shut the door immediately (It was 32F and I was in a T-shirt…)

Source: Golden Times
Top image: YouTube (disneyjp)

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