Talented digital artist Sakimichan is back with more gorgeous fanart! You may remember her for her other incredible Naruto fanarts or her gender-bent Disney portraits. Here we’ve got three more new portraits of Naruto characters done in her distinctive style, as well as timelapse videos showing exactly how she creates her masterpieces.

In this time lapse video you get to see Sakimi chan actually creating her sexy female Naruto piece. Apparently the original filming duration is 3 hours which is actually far less time than I would have imagined these beautiful and detailed pieces took to create.

It’s fascinating to watch an artist at work, seeing them redoing bits again and again to arrive at the vision they have in their head, especially in a sped-up video where you can see everything coming together fairly quickly. Watch in awe as she coaxes the face to life, along with female Naruto’s… other noticeable features. Another surprise was how few layers she seems to work on in Photoshop, speaking as someone who obsessively creates new layers for every single little change even when doing something as mundane as adding a caption to an image.

▼ The final Sexy Naruto piece, based on his ‘sexy no jutsu’, a ninja technique where he transforms into a naked lady to distract his opponent.


▼ Ino Yamanaka, of Team 10.


▼ Itachi Uchiha, everyone’s favorite emo older brother.


If you’re impressed by Sakimichan’s work and want to see more, you can support her here on Patreon, where she offers bonuses to patrons such as exclusive access to doodles and works in progress.

Sakimichan: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Deviantart