Taiwan’s top model, Chi-ling Lin, has just turned 40 and yet she doesn’t look a day out of her twenties. How does she do it?! Read on for more of this beautiful lady who, we might add, is more than just a pretty face.

She’s 40 years old but could easily be mistaken for a woman in her 20s because of her fresh and vibrant beauty. Chi-ling Lin is often referred to as Taiwan’s number-one model, and also made the move into acting in 2008. Her rise to fame has been meteoric, with her big break coming relatively recently in a 2004 advertising campaign and her now being the highest paid model in the Greater China region.

On November 29, Chi-ling celebrated her 40th birthday, which is pretty unbelievable when you look at her photos.

The multi-talented model seems to have a very healthy and positive view of ageing, although that’s probably not so hard when you look like she does. On her most recent birthday she wrote the following comment on her Weibo micro-blogging account:

“Today I have the sincerity of my 10-year-old self, the assertive and optimistic heart of my 20-year-old self, the youthful charm of my 30-year-old self, and the wisdom of my 40-year-old self. Life is truly wonderful at every stage!”

While she might look sweet and youthful, she’s also got a sexy side. When she was 37 a commercial she starred in was banned from being broadcast on mainland China because it was “too” sexy. There were also claims from an elementary school that their children couldn’t concentrate on their studies after seeing Chi-ling on billboards around town. Apparently it’s not just adults who fall for her charms.

And she’s not just a pretty face. Chi-ling is heavily involved in charitable activities and recently set up her own charitable fund, the Chiling Charity Foundation, which supports child welfare. On top of that she holds a double bachelor’s degree in Western art history and economics from the University of Toronto in Canada. It seems that her beauty is not just on the outside.

▼ In this video she announces the sale of a charity calendar. Isn’t her voice beautiful too?!

▼ Below are some shots from the calendar.

▼ With some of the kids she helps.

▼ This clip was filmed in October 2014 at the ‘Taiwan Excellence’ event in Fukuoka, Japan.

▼ And she even speaks Japanese!

I wish I knew her secret! Although, on the other hand, it’s probably mostly down to good genetics that she looks so good, and if that’s the case I’d rather live in ignorance and continue believing that I’ll also find her miraculous fountain of youth.

Source: Sina Weibo, YouTube, Chiling Charity Foundation (Chinese)

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