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The other day, we brought you a new shirt that took Twitter by storm. Is this the peak of high fashion in Japan? Or just a shirt that reveals a couple of peaks? It didn’t take long for Internet users to take this shirt aimed at those well endowed and find more creative uses for it. And it’s not only women who are clamoring for the turtleneck this holiday season. Check out the pictures to see who else will be buying one and what they’ll be using it for!

What is inspiring all this insanity? When Comfilax released their idea of a stylish turtleneck, most people were caught off-guard with what they thought was a piece of cosplay or something more erotic.

Perhaps like Power Girl?

turtleneck 1Image: Comic Vine & DC Comics 

However, consumers were astounded when they realized this was a real shirt that was being sold. Not just sold, being sold out! And with the Internet being a lawless playground, users were quick to find alternative uses for the unconventional piece of clothing.

A few male users were wondering where their version of the “sexy turtleneck” was.


Others weren’t willing to shell out so much money for such a simple idea and decided to do a little do-it-yourself alteration.

By far, some of the best uses were ones found in anime and manga. Never known as a medium that promotes practical fashion, some users presented evidence that Comfilax wasn’t the first to think of this sexy turtleneck.


But just as the drawing from a CLAMP comic showed, this wasn’t a new phenomenon as others shared pictures of the design from the past.

This trend doesn’t seem to be dying down, as Internet users are finding more and more practical and interesting uses for that hole each day.

https://twitter.com/GQno51/status/540804338755457025 https://twitter.com/STR_79/status/540919478939164672

You probably won’t come across many people wearing this shirt in real life, but you’ll likely be seeing it ad nauseam all over your favorite characters in the foreseeable future.


Source: Naver Matome
Top Image: Twitter (@kyo_anzuya)