Following trends can be a tricky affair, especially when it comes to fashion trends. The latest clothes and styles may look absolutely fabulous in magazines and photos online, but many a time, they are not the most suitable for everyone, because not everyone has a model-like body or attitude to carry off these trends.

Take the latest boob shirt craze for example. Many girls are probably itching to let out their inner-fashionistas by getting into one of those sexy sweaters, but the boob shirt is one good example of a trend that requires certain assets to pull off. Fret not, ladies, the Oppai Taisou Hand (which literally means “Boob Exercise Hand”) is here to help you shape up for your fashion endeavors!


To the innocent passerby, this awkward pink device probably looks like an oversized back scratcher. It could undoubtedly double up as one, but it was designed with a greater mission in mind. Modeled after the hand of midwife, author and founder of the Wellness Life Institute, Takiko Shindo, the Oppai Taisou Hand was created to help women achieve healthier, shapely bosoms.

After years of experience caring for breastfeeding new mums, Shindo devised her own method of Oppai Taisou (boob exercise), which she claims to be effective in enhancing bust size and shape, improving conditions of stiff shoulders, menopause, menstrual cramps, and even has skin beautifying and anti-aging effects. Sounds like a mini miracle, huh?

▼ Takiko Shindo, also known as the “Oppai Goddess”.

Oppai Taisou in action.

▼ Shindo-sensei’s “god hand”, now in pink plastic!

The Oppai Taisou is mainly comprised of two steps; Oppai Hagashi/Hazushi (which means to “tear off” or “remove” the breast), and Oppai Yurashi (boob shaking!). Sounds vigorous and painful, but according to the model who had firsthand experience getting massaged by Shindo’s “godly hands”, it doesn’t hurt at all, and immediate results were seen after just a couple of minutes of “exercise”.

▼ What is this sorcery?!

Shindo explains that a woman’s breasts are strung up by ligaments, and if these ligaments don’t get sufficient movement, the fats in the breast will start to settle back against the chest muscles, resulting in unshapely, or even sagging boobies.


Oppai Hagashi supposedly detaches the breast ligaments from the chest muscles and directs the fats back to where they belong, restoring shape, while Oppai Yurashi resets the tension in the ligaments holding up the breasts, thus regaining elasticity and perkiness. The massage also improves blood circulation, which promotes healthier, beautifully shaped breasts.

Alas, Takiko Shindo only has one pair of hands, and there’s no way that’s enough to go around! That’s where this dubiously pink Oppai Taisou Hand comes in handy, allowing women to achieve similar effects in the comfort of their own homes. The Oppai Taisou Hand measures 30cm lengthwise (including the “hand”), and has “fingertips” covered with elastomer to ensure that it is gentle on the skin.

▼ Three easy steps for the full experience.oppaitaisou_hand_p04

We’re not entirely convinced that this pink plastic device can conjure the same magic as the skilled hands of the “oppai goddess” Takiko Shindo, but it’s definitely a healthier, safer and cheaper method than getting implants. Obviously it’s not going to dramatically enlarge your boobs overnight, but at least it doesn’t involve introducing foreign substances into your chest, and if it fails, you can still use it as a back scratcher. Or a scalp massager, maybe.

Tempted? We found it on Rakuten Japan and Amazon Japan retailing for 3,066 yen (approximately US$26). I think I’m just going to drop Santa a note…

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Rakuten, Netprice