Remember the fun you used to have making snowmen when you were just a little sprout of a kid? Sure, your fingers would get numbed to the bone and your knees would get soaked from kneeling in the snow as you sculpted away for hours. But those little niggles were forgotten once you looked upon your finished masterpiece, before running inside to beg for some spare clothes and a carrot nose to decorate your newest frosty friend. Then he melted and you felt a little abandoned, a little lost, as though a part of your childhood had vanished, eroded like so much evaporated snow… Just me? Anyway, making stuff out of snow is awesome, and if you don’t believe us, check out this gallery of the best cute and wacky snow sculptures from China and Japan!

▼ Build one of these maneki neko Lucky Cats in your front yard to beckon forth good luck and prosperity for the New Year!

▼ If you’re in the market for an anime waifu, why not try crafting your own out of pure, pristine snow?

▼ It’s everyone’s favorite Dutch bunny rabbit, Miffy!

▼ Japan’s favorite robot cat, Doraemon, seems to be enjoying the snow!

▼ A cute fluffy snow alpaca!

▼ A rather majestic sphinx.

▼ Aww! This funky snow family is all kinds of cute!

▼ Sorta reminds us of Michelangelo’s David. Except, without the tiny weiner.

(…Perhaps it snapped off?)

▼ Rawr! No ice-skating on MY pond!

Okay, so we’ll admit it – a lot of these snow sculptures probably pale in comparison to the icy masterpieces that can be viewed at Hokkaido’s Snow festival, for example. But for amateur creations, these artworks are darn cute, and we’ll be drawing inspiration from them for our own winter crafting, once the snow finally starts to come down where we live.