As you’re probably well aware, we at RocketNews24 strive to tackle only the most serious issues of the day. Whether we’re breaking down the complexities of the TPP and its effects on soy bean subsidies, or providing in-depth analysis on how modern Japanese silk arts have deviated from their traditional routes, we never stop thinking about important matters. Even though we cover these topics with deadly seriousness, however, we have been known to let our hair down once a year or so.

With that in mind, today we’d like to bring you a collection of photos which pretty much no point or underlying theme aside from the fact they all come out of Asia and are really weird. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back to our usual coverage of tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests of Japan soon enough. For now just sit back and enjoy these little pieces of Novocaine for the mind.

Despite the merchandise in the background, I’m guessing this is not New York. If it was this would probably not end well.

Image: Sina Webio

Always remember when you’re pouring juice: Pour with your knees not your back.

Image: BuzzHand

I applaud his ingenuity…his strangely erotic ingenuity.

Image: QNTZ

More impressive than how it sits on a motorbike, is this dog’s skill at tying a half-Windsor.

Image: Mahua

Really, what doesn’t this guy have to smile about?

Image: Sizashi

“GET AWAY FROM MY…Oh I see your clearance checks out. Okay, top off the wiper fluid and give me $20 unleaded.”

Image: FSC

Scraps’ dismount only got a 2 from the Russian judges, so he mounted them instead.

Image: Kaixinduanzi

▼ “Look honey! Dead animal faces! Why isn’t your camera out yet?!”

Image: Buzzhand

In any other country this boy with a sack of maxi-pads might look rather silly. But in China he’s making a sound investment.

Image: BuzzHand

▼ Beats by Dr. Dre, Hanger by O. A. North

Image: BuzzHand

▼ More concerning than this lady peeling an apple with a huge meat cleaver is the fact she appears to be in a restaurant, suggesting that she had been walking around with that cleaver in her bag for much of the day at least.

Image: BuzzHand

Guess his spidey-sense wasn’t working when he bought the wrong ticket in the first place.

Image: BuzzHand

A young Pope in training

Image: heibaimanhua

For most of the night Patches (pictured left) didn’t feel like a third wheel. And then…

Image: 52rkl

Partway through this double date, everyone involved realized at the same time that they had already found their soul mates.

Image: 52114

“Question 6: Two bikes are traveling in the same direction on a main street. Bike A is moving at 30km/h and bike B…gah when am I ever going to need this crap?!”

Image: 9gaox

▼ He was so happy with his iPHone8 until he tried to modify the operating system and then upgrade to iOS8.

Image: ttmop

“Does my butt make this tail look fat?”

Image: kxdao

Huge shovels? Check. Baskets of sod? Check. Looks like we got us a wedding!

Image: kxdao

▼ I remember this trick from the old Batman series. The camera’s turned sideways and she’s just crawling along the Great Ground of China.

Image: Toutiao

Fashion can be really impressive sometimes.

Image: Qule8

misproportions & mops

Image: i2fun

Now this is just disgusting. How dare he smoke during pregnancy, especially well into what looks like his seventeenth trimester.

Image: i2fun

▼ Things between these two might be moving a little too fast…and headfirst into a bus.

Image: Vui Von

I have it on good authority that this way of smoking is not hazardous to your health if and only if you do it exactly like this guy. Spread the word.

Image: Xem Anh

“I sent my son to an all-boys middle school so he could learn to be a man.”

Image: i2fun

“That didn’t work as planned so I sent him to an all-girls high school in hopes of toughening him up.”

Image: Hai

“Now I’m homeschooling him. He says he’s into pirates these days so I think it’s working.”

Image: Zip-vn

Who doesn’t love sitting around the old block of ice and telling living-people-stories.

Image: Acid Cow

Don’t worry. He’s got a helmet.

Image: VietSN

In general, when interacting with alligators you want to resemble a cute furry animal as much as possible.

Image: The Gioi Giai Tri Cua Ban

▼And always remember to take your dog for a walk. Or they’ll remind you.

Image: The Gioi Giai Tri Cua Ban

The gangs took over the highways, ready to wage war for a tank of juice. And in this maelstrom of decay, ordinary women were battered and smashed. Women like Maxine. The road warrior Maxine.

Image: The Gioi Giai Tri Cua Ban

If for whatever reason his katana fails him, this samurai can rely on his tanto to pierce even the mightiest cheeseburgers.

Image: Play @ Park

Despite his smiling face, everything about this photo screams “something is horribly wrong”

Image: BamBo Blog

▼ A family that travels together stays together. Their bike on the other hand…

Image: NGam

▼ “Oh crap – another ex! Keep cool. Just look straight ahead and hope she doesn’t notice you…”

Image: Kien Thuc

TGI Friday’s employee of the month two years running.

Image: Cuoi DB

And finally everyone’s dream retirement plan of riding a mini-bicycle through town with a golden iguana on their shoulder.

Image: Gac Hai

We hoped you enjoyed this little diversion into the weird side of Asia. Stay tuned for our next article which deals with a new type of fungus that’s threatening salmon farming along the Okhotsk coast.

Source: i2fun