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It seems like it’s not just humans, but every member of the animal kingdom in Japan that loves a nice, relaxing bath. Hot spring-loving monkeys have been attracting tourists to Japan’s rural onsen for decades, and capybaras’ bathtime privacy is also a thing of the past.

But that doesn’t mean all of Japan’s creatures are down for a dip in the tub, though, as this adorable pooch looks like he’s ready to make a break for it, even if it comes at the price of getting his paws wet.

Twitter user Omochi recently shared this GIF of a dog who doesn’t look like he wants to get in the water, but doesn’t have any avenues of escape other than swimming away.

But while the unnamed dog has a worried look on his face, online commenters have smiles on theirs.

“The embarrassed look he gives the camera! Too cute!
“Haha he looks like a seal!”
“He’s practicing his dog paddle.”
“I’d have expected him to be a little faster.”

We have to agree, with that sloppy technique, he’ll never make the national team. Time to get serious about your training regimen, little fella,’ because the Tokyo Olympics are just 42 dog years away.

Source: Hamster Sokuho
Top image: Twitter