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As someone who’s been a fan of anime and manga since long before they were as internationally popular as they are today, I’m always kind of happy when I see their visual cues show up in artwork from other countries. Sometimes it comes in high-profile productions, like when The Simpsons gave a tip of their animated hat to Studio Ghibli, but at the same, there are countless less well-known designers and artists whose styles can be traced to Japan’s cartoons and comics.

Take Polish illustrator Magdalena “Meago” Kania, for example, and her drawing of a blond with exquisitely thick, wavy hair who also sports the facial features and proportions commonly associated with anime and manga. But those aren’t the only Japanese inspirations the illustration contains, as we can spot one more when we take a step back and look at the whole picture.

Speaking of that hair, you might have noticed that the girl is using a pair of chopsticks as hairpins to tie her bun around. Really, this is something you’ll never see people in Japan actually doing, but in this case, it’s not really the product of Meago’s fashion misconceptions. Actually, those chopsticks have a very good reason for being there…

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…because this lovely lass is actually an anthropomorphized bowl of ramen.

Aside from having locks the color and quality of ramen noodles, looking at the full image reveals that part of her dress is made from an egg, one of the most common ramen toppings, and the other half is a naruto fish cake, another frequent ramen companion.

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As for the black section of cloth across upper body? We’re guessing it’s a rectangular piece of nori seaweed, and floating in the background of broth we can also spy a few green onions and a succulent slice of chashu pork.

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The barrette shaped like the small containers of soy sauce that come packed with Japanese boxed lunches is a bit of a head-scratcher, since pouring the condiment into your ramen is a Japanese dining faux pas. Plus, should something happen and the cap come off, we imagine soy sauce is kind of a pain to wash out of your hair (although maybe she could fight condiment with condiment with a mayo hair pack).

Still, there’s no denying this is an impressively cool piece of artwork. We could probably stare at it all day, if it wasn’t also giving us an uncontrollable urge to run out to the ramen joint down the street.

Source: Magdalena Kania Facebook page
Top image: Magdalena Kania Facebook page (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert image: Jugem