One of the most envied perks of being famous has to be international travel. So while we’re sure being a model is just as hard work – if not more so – than heaps of other jobs, we can imagine that opportunities to escape the recent cold weather in Japan and jet off to warmer climes goes some way to make up for it.

So forgive us for being more than a little jealous of these pics from Kayo Police’s trip to Singapore. Sure, posing for pictures is work. But she also got to go to Universal Studios and go to a bubble spa. Merry Christmas!

After being scouted by an agency at the age of 22, Kayo Police (who also goes by the name Kayo Sato) had already been working as a female model for two years when she came out as transsexual to her agency. Shortly afterwords, she came out publicly on a TV talk show in 2010 and her career as a model and tarento media personality took off.

She is now a popular Instagram presence, with over 40,000 followers.

▼ “Just about to board the plane. I’ve got my mask and coffee ready, but I dropped my glasses in the toilet. I’m going abroad!”


▼ “We’ve arrived, so I’m going to the pool. It’s going to be a hot Christmas here! #hotChristmas


In this shot from the beach, she suggests a title for the series:

▼ “My first photo collection is gonna be called ‘Nugi Police’ lol [from ‘nugu‘, to undress]


▼ “I’m here!”


▼ “Revenge of the Mummy wasn’t running that day :( I was sulking.”


▼ “Morning at the bubble spa. The bubbles were so smooth on my skin. I felt like I was bathing in champagne!”


▼ “Today and yesterday [back in Japan] are so cold! I miss how warm it was in Singapore…anyway, good morning!”


Oh, well. We’ll just have to drown our jealousy with a nice hot can of vending machine soup.

Source: Yahoo JP
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Featured image: Kayo Sato Instagram