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There was a time not too long ago when smartphones didn’t exist and the best and only way to game on-the-go and/or avoid actual social interaction with your peers was to lug around a slightly clunky, black-and-white-only Game Boy that sucked down ungodly amounts of batteries and played just-below-NES-standard games.

Of course, the Game Boy remains a fond memory for most gamers that grew up on it, despite the fact that the device itself looked ancient even back in its heyday and had a massive library of games, many of which were really bad. But for fans of Pokémon – one of the few franchises spawned on the console – the Game Boy is like some kind of holy relic.

So imagine the head-explosions that must be happening all across Pokémon fandom following a netizen’s brilliant video of his Pokémon Game Boy makeover.

This brilliant transformation was conducted by an artist by the name of Oskunk – who, we shouldn’t forget, also does tons of other badass work, including this crazy one of a custom Dreamcast. But, arguably, as the more beloved console – and, you know, Asia news site and all, there’s a lot of overlap between our readers and Pokemon fans – we figured this was the video we ought to introduce.

One word of warning though: The video’s soundtrack is a slightly NSFW (but awesome) rap track with a couple of F-bombs in it. We know that’s kind of incongruous with Pokémon and all, but if you’ve been a fan from the beginning then you’re, like, in your 30s anyway, so we think you can handle it!

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Decades-old hardware or not, I think it’s safe to add this one to our “want” list.

Source: Facebook