Christmas Eve is a big deal in Japan for couples. It’s the one night of the year when you’re supposed to go out on a romantic date and show the world you’re capable of being found attractive by another person. But for singles, it’s a hell that’s on par with Valentine’s Day in the west – canoodling couples everywhere, and all the corny marketing and merchandise that goes with it. So when this young man found himself without a date for Christmas Eve, he decided to skip the middle man (middle woman?) and date himself – in female form! Join us after the jump for some pics, but be warned – they’re a touch on the NSFW side!

Twitter user Nemunemunnn caused a furore when he uploaded several snaps of himself dressed as his own super-cute, ultra feminine alter ego. His reasoning was “since I don’t have a girlfriend for Christmas, I’ll become my own girlfriend!”

Some twitizens were charmed by his sexy looks, and were quick to register their approval and support:

“Too cute!”

“Just too sexy!”

“That bellybutton is byoo-tiful! I just wanna tickle it!”

Others, unfortunately, were less charmed:



“Are you kidding me with this?!”

“I’m not sure if this is disgusting or simply painful to behold…”

Others tried to offer advice:

“If you’ve got the time to mess around doing this, put that time into finding a real girlfriend instead!”

“I think you’re better off as a dude… no offence”

While others just didn’t know what to think!

“If I was drunk, I might take him home by mistake. Oh my god”

“Erm, I’m not convinced this dude actually wants a girlfriend at all…”

“Have fun taking yourself on a date with yourself… How’s that even gonna work?”

Personally, we applaud Nemunemunnn’s efforts – think of all that waxing he probably had to do! Unfortunately, he loses points for forgetting the cardinal rule of mirror selfies, to wit: “If thou must take mirror selfies, thou shalt clean thy mirror first”.

What do you think of these sexy pics?

Source: Livedoor
Images: Livedoor