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How many bras is too many to steal? Morally, the answer is obviously zero, since unlike a loaf of bread, lingerie doesn’t have the sort of nutritional content that you can feed your starving family with.

But what about structurally? The answer seems to be about 2,000, as demonstrated by a prolific pantie pilferer in China whose stash got so big, it actually began destroying the building he lives in.

The building managers of a housing complex in the Guangxi Autonomous Region’s Yulin City noticed the ceiling panels had started to collapse in a section of the interior emergency exit. Since in times of crisis the one place you hope is still safe is the emergency exit, they decided to open up the panel and investigate.

They quickly found the reason for the crack: the combined weight of over 2,000 bras stashed in the crawlspace.

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Unlike the stories you occasionally hear of someone going up into their attic for the first time in a decade and finding a gigantic hornets’ nest, brassieres generally don’t form communal living spaces like this. The building managers put in a call to the police, who after examining security camera footage were able to identify a man who lives in the building as a suspect. Judging from the size of the stash, the authorities believe he’d been stealing lingerie not only from the building’s female occupants, but from other places as well.

The man has since been taken into custody, and while that may put an end to the rash of thefts and preserve the building’s structural integrity, we’re left without answers to two questions. First, why bother stealing thousands of bras, then keep them in a place other than your personal living quarters, depriving yourself of easy access to your ill-gotten treasure trove?

And second, which police officer decided it was necessary, after recovering the bras, to organize them by color?

▼ Is it easier to obtain a conviction when the evidence is aesthetically arranged?

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Sources: Livedoor, Xinhuaxia News, Hachima Kikou
Images: Xinhua Net