In ancient China, it was believed that whenever unusual climate or weather phenomena occurred, it foretold the future. If a dragon appeared in the sky, it meant that a new emperor would reign. Why would dragons appear in the sky, you ask? We don’t know, but on the 23rd of December, a fire phoenix flew across the Beijing sky, creating stunningly beautiful views in an otherwise heavily polluted sky.

No one is quite certain what had caused this ‘bird’ appear in the sky. All we know is that it wasn’t Photoshopped, and that many people saw it as a sign of hope for the future. We wish we were there to see it for ourselves!



Chinese netizens were as usual quick to offer their two cents:

“A phoenix from the heavens meant that China will start anew amid the corruption.”

“A rooster!”

“Phoenixes are reborn from ashes. This means that the Chinese will first burn into ashes. This is a bad sign…”

“This means that all your wishes will come true in the new year!”


Clearly there are many different interpretations of this beautiful, mysterious sight over Beijing. We’d like to believe that it would bring good luck not only to the largest population in the world, but also peace around them. Perhaps a phoenix reborn from fire is a sign that 2015 will be a year of rejuvenation, and we should start making some resolutions that we can keep for the new year.

Source/Images: QQ News, h/t ToyChan