After a long and arduous production, terrorist threats from North Korea, a snap decision to pull the film and then, finally, a half-baked release both online and at independent theaters not fearful of sudden SCUD missile attacks, the much-talked about film The Interview is finally upon us and reviews are lukewarm at best. “Acceptable!,” “Moderately Chuckle-Worthy!,” and “More Dick Jokes Than You Can Shake a Sausage Link At!” seem destined to adorn the box art of the eventual Blu-ray release.

But there appears to be one very unexpected mega fan of the film, if one surreal photo is to be believed…

Yes, that is North Korean dictator, haircut innovator and perpetual carrier of binoculars Kim Jong-Un appearing to watch and fully enjoy the internet release of The Interview.

While there is no exact source for the photograph, that’s not uncommon for photos originating from the fascist nation, what with all the stern-faced handlers assigned to any foreigner that sets foot in the country – a topic apparently touched on somewhat racistly by the film.


Okay, if you haven’t figured it out yet: Yes, this is a fake photo. Kim Jong-Un is obviously too busy oppressing his people and threatening to SCUD Christmas trees and film houses that produce mediocre comedies to put down his ever-vigilant binoculars and catch the latest Hollywood film. We presume whoever Photoshopped this image is currently being targeted for assassination by Jong-Un’s secret police as we speak.

Source: Gossip Sokuhou