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Let’s play a little word association game. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear Senran Kagura?

I’m guessing at least a couple of you just said “Gesundheit.” Those of you who keep up on anime or Japanese video game releases, though, probably answered “Boobs.” After all, the Senran Kagura anime and video game series is about ridiculously oversized mammaries first, and ninja schoolgirl fighting action distantly second.

However, the problem with any long-running franchise is the risk of things growing stale, which would be especially problematic for Senran Kagura, because it’s hard to imagine something more unappealing than stale breasts. So after a half-dozen games, an anime TV series, and five different manga adaptations, Senran Kagura is poised to enter a new area: butts.

Online anime retailer Chara-Ani is currently taking orders for this 175-milimeter (6.9-inch) figure of pink-tressed ninja Hibari.

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As you can see, the 1/8 scale figurine makes use of two of Senran Kagura’s most recognizable design cues: copious amounts of cleavage, and only a cursory acknowledgment of physics, as we’re not quite sure how Hibari managed to slip those gym bloomers on over such a frilly pair of panties.

▼ Actually, we’d just assumed that given the target market, she’s supposed to be stripping down, but taking another look, it’s entirely possible she’s just having trouble getting dressed in the first place.

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But like we said, this figure represents a new dawn for the series, and while the bust catches the eye (and also threatens to poke it out), the real star here is the derriere. Made with a silicon infused material, Chara-Ani says Hibari’s butt is soft and pliable. Even though we’re sure its construction will be pleasing to lonely otaku who just want to rub or slap it (or, we’re guessing, kiss it), the manufacturer also points to some practical uses for the figure’s backside.

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Yes, that’s a scroll of ninja secrets gripped firmly but softly in Hibari’s butt. While several of her in-game attacks employ her behind, this seems to be the first time it’s been used as a storage rack.

▼ Speaking of racks, the figure’s chest doesn’t seem to have the same functionality.

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And don’t worry, there’s a perfectly good reason one of the promotional shots features a scarf-wearing rabbit attached to her hindquarters. You see, Hibari is occasionally assisted in battle by Ninto, the ninja rabbit. Ninto can help Hibari leap high into the air, summon a lightning-spewing cloud, and…now that we think about it, doesn’t actually have to be latched onto her hindquarters.

▼ Although again, maybe we’re just looking at this from the wrong perspective, and Ninto is actually stuck and trying to escape from Hibari’s crack.

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Chara-Ani points out that the pliant buttocks is good for more than just displaying other Senran Kagura paraphernalia in the most awkward way possible. For example, it also makes a handy place to store an SD card.

▼ If it contains anything other than porn, sorted into two folders (“big butts” and “huge butts”), we don’t think the owner is using this setup correctly.

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Other ideas include using the figure as a pencil stand (with or without a cap that turns it into an enchanted weapon), a place to loop errant cables around, and, of course, crossovers with other figures that have an ample supply of tentacles.

▼ We just sort of assumed with that last one, but Chara-Ani is still thoughtful enough to include an explanatory photo.

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If you’ve got to get this baby who’s got back, Chara-Ani is taking preorders for the 11,046-yen (US$94) figure here, with shipment scheduled for late April. The website cautions that each individual buyer is limited to a maximum of 10 figures, or 20 cheeks.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Chara-Ani (edited by RocketNews24)
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