When I was younger, my father would remind me every time I went overseas, “if a stranger at the airport asks for your help with their luggage, harden your heart and say no, because you don’t know what’s in their bag.” I’ve always kept that piece of advice in the back of my mind although I’ve never come across such a situation in all these years, and most people know not to ask other travellers to handle their bags.

Seeing this prank video created by a Korean YouTuber, however, made me appreciate my father’s words a lot more. Being just a funny prank, nothing dangerous or illegal was involved, but this package sure came with generous servings of embarrassment and hilarity!

This prankster from Moncast has a plan, and his grand plan is to embarrass his unsuspecting friend with his new creation: the Condom Bomb Box!

▼ Looks like a normal parcel on the outside…

▼ But it’s a massive party inside! Plenty of condoms, red lacy lingerie and… something that looks rigid and tubular.

▼ He hands the parcel to his unsuspecting friend, who managed to get a seat on the subway.

▼ Dude, this is our stop, hurry!

Aaaaand then…

▼ Watch the full prank!

Can you imagine how embarrassing this would be if it happened to you? Talk about being caught red-handed, and I bet the aforementioned tubular item was rolling around all over the place.

▼ Uh-oh… everyone saw what’s in the box, but no one was willing to lend a helping hand. People were too busy trying to hold in their laughter to help.

▼ Heroine of the day! This lady was the only one who braved the burning stares to help to pick up the stuff scattered around.

▼ But alas, she couldn’t help but laugh at the utterly embarrassing situation!

Honestly we don’t know what made the helpful lady crack up so hard. Perhaps she only realized what she had on her hands after she had picked up most of the scattered goods. Well, nothing beats a good laugh! Poor unsuspecting friend, though.

Of course, this was just a prank so there’s no need to take things too seriously here, but it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind that there are people with ulterior motives out there who exploit the kindness of people, so be alert when someone wants to leave some parcel or luggage in your care!

Source/Images: YouTube via Zhaizhai News