The New Year is obviously a major holiday in Japan, and that means sales at every store. In addition to discounted products, the beginning of January sees many stores also offering grab bags, most often called “lucky bags,” a direct translation of 福袋 (fukubukuro), in Japan.

Of course, some of the most sought-after lucky bags in Japan are those from Apple. In fact, if you want to grab one of Apple’s lucky bags, now might be a good time to buy a sleeping bag and some snacks, because you’ll probably be camping out over night!

Lucky bags are incredibly popular at many stores in Japan, likely due to their relatively low prices in comparison to the mystery goods they hold. Of course, “relatively” is the operative word here–Apple’s lucky bags will cost 36,000 yen (about US$298) not including tax, which is the same as last year. Obviously, with the tax hike in April, the total price will be a few thousand yen more.

So what will lucky purchasers be getting in their bags? Well, since each bag contains different things, you’ll never know until you open yours! In the past, people have gotten laptops and iPads, but that’s no guarantee. You might just end up with a pair of Beats headphones and some iPhone accessories and a T-shirt you’ll probably never wear. You’ll always get goods equal to or better than the value of the cash you hand over, but there’s a good chance that you’ll be left with a bag of stuff that you didn’t exactly need.

Even so, there will be plenty of people waiting for almost 24 hours to get lucky! About 800 people waited in line this January at the Ginza Apple store alone, so if you have dreams of cheap MacBooks dancing in your head, you’d better be prepared to get up early. Or, to increase your chances of grabbing a bag, just stay up all night, like these folks in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

▼We really hope they had some pocket warmers at least.

And while you might think these folks are crazy–and don’t worry, you’d totally be right–taking a look at some of the stuff people have got in the past makes them somewhat less insane. After all, 36,000 yen and a wait of a mere day netted some folks:

▼A MacBook Air and Beats speakers!

▼Another MacBook Air and speakers!

▼And an iPad mini!

Then again, some people just have the worst luck, like this Twitter user who got an iPod nano while everyone else around was getting stuff like a MacBook Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Air.

Of course, getting a bag full of goods worth at least 50,000 yen ($451) for only 36,000 yen is nothing to sneeze at. Unless others are getting goods worth 150,000 yen ($1,245) and you’re stuck with a stupid iPod nano…

Naturally, Apple has a number of rules for Lucky Bag purchasers, not the least of which is: “The purchase of Lucky Bag is limited to one bag per person per day.” Which seems rather easy to enforce–we’re not sure how anyone could make it to two stores in one day when there are lines of people who had to wait for 21 hours!

Apple’s Lucky Bags will be available on the second of January 2015, so you still have a few days to plan your camping trip. Just be sure to bundle up!

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Image: Twitter (@amupedia)