Scrubs? Check. Scalpel? Check. Smartphone? Double check.

The following photos of doctors and nurses posing inside an operating room at Fengcheng Hospital in Xi’an, northwestern China, were allegedly taken back in the summer on August 15. Although months have passed since then, the photos just recently surfaced online and have been causing quite an uproar among the general public over the past few days.

If it’s any consolation, would you breathe a sigh of relief to hear that at least the photos were taken after a successful operation? But wait–doesn’t the patient still appear to be undergoing surgery in some of the shots!?

After the unprofessional selfies came to light, Fengcheng Hospital’s deputy director, surnamed Chen, was subsequently fired and hit by a hefty fine of three months’ salary, according to the Xi’an Bureau of Public Health. The hospital’s director and supposed photographer of the pictures, Yan, also lost three months’ pay. Furthermore, Shanghai Daily reports that

“Everyone who appeared in the photographs was asked to express their regret and was fined three months’ salary. In addition, the head of the anesthesiology department, surnamed Zhang, and the head nurse, surnamed Tian, were fined the equivalent of three months’ bonuses.”

Why were the selfies taken in the first place, especially in such a private area? The staff supposedly wanted to celebrate the closure of one operating room at the hospital and the opening of a new one. Shanghaiist also shared some words from an interviewed staff member:

“He said that a 40-year-old worker was seriously injured on the job and in danger of losing his leg. The surgery was incredibly difficult and lasted for seven hours, during which time the staff didn’t eat or drink, in the end they were able to save the patient’s leg and took some pictures to celebrate. Some of the staff removed their safety masks because of the sweltering heat in the operating room, which was without an air conditioner.”

Get ready for the pictures: say chee–err, anesthesia, everyone!


▼Celebratory or not, I definitely wouldn’t want to be the unconscious dude getting his picture taken.



▼I spy a few peace signs in there!


Ironically, the photos were never meant to be shown to the public in the first place. They were posted online by a woman who claimed to be the classmate of someone who works at a different hospital in Xi’an, and wanted to discourage other medical staff from acting in such a way. It looks like she’s succeeded in gaining public support.

Maybe it’s time for the former deputy director to find a new calling in life. Or he could join up with these fictional guys, who know how to stay professional and have fun at work at the same time:

▼Hits you right in the feels, doesn’t it.


Sources: Shanghaiist, Shanghai Daily
Images: NetEase, Scrubs Wiki