Could it be another Christmas miracle? Black magic? Perhaps a work of “edotensei” reincarnation as seen in Naruto? Maybe it was just malpractice by the doctor. Whatever happened, one Indian man recently woke up from a deep slumber just moments before his cremation after his family thought he had died.

Mr. Shin, a 72-year-old Indian man collapsed while feeding the cows at his home. His 26-year-old grandson, Banda, found him lying on the ground with no heartbeat and presumed him dead. Even so, the family called a doctor who made the same grim diagnosis: grandpa was gone.

The stricken family quickly started preparing for their beloved grandfather’s funeral. They wrapped his body up, sang the traditional funeral songs and, just as they were lighting him on fire for cremation, he suddenly sat up. 

▼ “Oh… hey… grandpa…”


That must have been quite a shock for the family, seeing their grandfather come back from the dead. But can you imagine waking up during your own funeral? Spooky!

The old man is reportedly doing fine now and he even still has a sense of humor, telling his family to make sure the person is dead before trying to cremate them next time.

The craziest thing to us is that no one is even asking how this happened! How does someone who is dead, suddenly come back to life? Or, how does a man who is still alive get pronounced dead? I hope his eyeballs aren’t black like in Naruto

Source: Jin, Xinhuaxia News
Images: WikiaXinhuaxia News