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Comiket took place from at the very end of December last year, and if you’re lucky enough to have visited in person, or if you’ve just been enjoying the plethora of pictures on RocketNews24, then you probably had a great time.

But there’s another side to the Comiket story: the hotels and other venues that serve the guests who come from all over to attend the convention. Recently on the Japanese blog Livedoor, an anonymous poster who works at a hotel nearby the convention recanted the top three craziest Comiket guests he’s had.

Without any further ado, here’s the countdown:

#3 – The Wide Man

Some guests you don’t even have to meet in person to be amazed. This guy called to make a reservation for a single, but he spoke so fast and in such a low tone that I couldn’t catch his name. I asked him to repeat it several times but I couldn’t understand him.

I didn’t know what to do, so he finally hung up on me and I got a fax instead. It read “I’m too embarrassed so I’d rather correspond by fax.” I thought, okay whatever, and put in all his information from the fax. But then I noticed a message he added to it:

“I’m actually quite wide, so will I fit inside a single?”

I dubbed him “Wide-Man.”

▼ No reason to be embarrassed Wide-Man, we’ve all been there.

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#2 – Sweaty Tenga-Man

This one’s from last summer. Check-in starts at 3:00, but a slender, bespectacled man arrived early for his room. He was wearing a hat, denim jacket, and jeans, but most of all he was wearing sweat. His whole body was completely drenched in his own perspiration from head to toe.

He asked me if I could help him with his luggage, and as soon as I got near him the smell was overwhelming. Still I put on a good face and took his suitcase, but then he removed his hat and denim jacket and asked if I could take those too.

Oh god. They were so full of stinky sweat that even their color was completely unnatural. It was like holding sponges that had been drowned in so much bodily fluid they’d turned into dead weights.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse than carrying around his putrid clothes, I peeked inside his suitcase. The zipper was open due to something sticking out of it – maybe a tripod or fold-up chair or something – and I could see inside.

It was filled to the brim with Tengas – male masturbation sex toys. Maybe he’s part of the reason why the hotel’s requests for extra tissues go up drastically during the three days of Comiket.

I dubbed him “Sweaty Tenga-Man.”

▼ We can only assume “Sweaty Tenga-Man” just got through with an intense DDR session, just like this handsome fellow.


#1 – A healthy young man

This guest appeared at checkout carrying five cardboard boxes that looked about as heavy as boulders. I watched him carry one out by himself, then offered to help with the last four. He was very adamant about wanting to do it alone, so I just kept finishing his checkout procedures at the desk.

After about fifteen minutes he carried out the last box, but something went wrong. The bottom of the box split open and a waterfall of adult books came spilling out in the middle of the lobby.

Families froze. Business-talking salarymen became speechless. The guest himself spoke up in a loud voice:

“Oh no! My friend is going to be so upset if I damage all the books he asked me to buy for him!

Yeah, that didn’t fool anyone. Especially not an old woman who was also checking out. She walked over to the guest and said in a bright, smiling face, “Hey, you’re a healthy young man. Nothing to be ashamed of! Just enjoy yourself, haha!”

He quickly left after that, his face even redder than his books.

These two guys should totally get together. I think they’d hit it off.


Since the posting is anonymous, there’s no way to verify if any of the stories are true or not, though the author’s attention to detail makes it quite believable. He also adds this addendum:

Just in case anyone in these stories happens to read these, I’m sorry for posting them without permission, but in all honesty I really do like almost all Comiket guests. They leave the rooms in much nicer condition than the drunk salarymen, old women, or people who smoke in non-smoking rooms. They’re very polite and don’t speak rudely to us, which I greatly appreciate.

Please, just one thing though: if you smell, please do something about it. We have plenty of towels and bathtubs ready for you to use.

▼ Unless you’re cosplaying as this guy. Then all is forgiven.


 Source: Livedoor
Top/featured image: Wikimedia Commons and Flickr (edited by RocketNews24)