In 2013, the Gwiyomi Song (or Kiyomi Song), a Korean song with cutesy gestures, started a Gwiyomi craze that saw Korean netizens uploading videos of themselves dancing to the catchy cutie tune. The song went on to become an internet meme and eventually went viral in several parts of Asia. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of it, because the trend has since died down and a new wave is coming!

Slated to be the successor of the viral hit, the Heart Dance is the new cutesy trend that has been rapidly gaining popularity in Korea. If you like all things cute, prepare to have your heart stolen by this adorable little dance!

If all this talk about the Gwiyomi Song has left you in a clueless state, “Gwiyomi” is a Korean slang that loosely translates to mean “a cute person”, and here’s a quick throwback at the internet meme that made thousands of netizens strike a cutesy pose in rhythm to the cutesy song.

It still looks cute, but the Gwiyomi times have passed! Here’s the up and coming trend that has already gotten many Koreans dancing, the Heart Dance!

▼ Even kids are enjoying it!

The simple gestures seem to go well with different tunes as well, and have even gotten Korean pop idols and non-Koreans dancing!

▼ N-Sonic

▼ This guy has a rather unique interpretation of it…

How about starting the new year with a little dose of cute? The Heart Dance would probably be an easy and fun activity to jazz up a New Year’s party!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Top Image: YouTube