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Many countries have a distinctive national costume, from Japanese kimono to Scottish kilts. But ask people to name the traditional Chinese dress, and you’re unlikely to get a simple answer.

There’s the Qipao (also called Cheongsam), a tight-fitting one-piece dress, which (in its modern incarnation anyway) was popularised in the 1920s. And then there’s the Hanfu, a looser garment, which despite its 3,000 year history as the traditional dress of the Han Chinese, has somehow failed to capture the world’s imagination as the modern Chinese national costume.

But if the popularity of the following photos of 5-year-old Liu Chu Tian are any indication, Hanfu could be making a triumphant comeback. Check out the beautiful portraits of this pint-sized actress after the jump!

These days, wearing Hanfu is typically reserved for festivals or ceremonies, but since around 2003, enthusiasts have been trying to further the Hanfu as an official costume of Han Chinese, and to promote it being worn in everyday life. But more than a decade since this so-called “Hanfu movement” began, little has changed.

But as this awesome photo series shows, cute little kids look great in Hanfu:

▼ Liu Chu Tian, also known as Tian Tian, wears Hanfu for the photo series.


▼ At just 5 years old, she’s already appeared in a number of dramas and commercials.


▼ She also has over 720,000 followers on Weibo…


▼ “Bet that’s more than you’ve got!”


▼ …and a part in Jackie Chan’s upcoming movie Dragon Blade.


▼ A complete Hanfu set is made up of long, loose separate layers, like this shirt, jacket and skirt.


▼ Unlike the Qipao, the jacket part of Hanfu is typically fastened with a sash, rather than buttons.


▼ Nawwww.


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Images: Sina Weibo