Photo editing can be something of a double-edged sword; it can enhance your images and make everything look better, but left in the hands of the notorious Photoshop trolls, a simple portrait can easily become the biggest joke of the year.

It is common for cosplayers and photographers to tweak cosplay photographs to achieve a more convincing finish, but as with most things in life, moderation is key. A series of photos of a particular Korean cosplayer has been attracting attention online as of late, with many netizens calling it a case of Photoshop overdose. See the pictures and decide for yourselves after the jump!

South Korean cosplayer Lucia (@rotorl0162) looks cute as a doll with her beautiful big eyes, delicate pointy nose and dainty lips. In fact, she looks so much like a doll, netizens have been speculating whether she overdid it with Photoshop or has perhaps acquired her doll-like looks with good old Korean plastic surgery.

Some net users have commented that although this young lady looks quite beautiful, she looks too expressionless, while others would rather believe that “if she’s too cute, she must be a guy!” because, you know, the Internet has tricked us one time too many over the years. We’re pretty sure Lucia is of the female gender (as far as her profile tells us), but as far as her doll-like appearances are concerned, we’ll leave the final verdict to you.

Cosplayers and viewers alike, have their own definitions of beauty, so whatever floats your boat. If Lucia’s cosplay is your cup of tea, follow her on Facebook, Twitter or World Cosplay to see more of her photos!

Source: Hacken
Top image: Lucia on Facebook