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Earlier last month when Kyoto was blanketed with deliciously photo-friendly snow, hundreds of truly serene pictures of world-famous Kinkaku Temple flooded the Internet. However, Kyoto’s beauty isn’t exemplified only by Kinkaku-ji; the old capital is full of amazing pieces of Japanese history that were made breathtakingly tranquil by the recent snowfall.

Daigo Temple might not be as popular with tourists as other spots in Kyoto, but perhaps you should be planning your next visit there once you see these pictures.

Daigo-ji (Daigo Temple) is already famous in its own right, its five-story pagoda being the oldest structure in Kyoto, but as the temple is located in the Fushimi District of Kyoto, it means that many tourists making a whirlwind trip through the city will miss it.

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Well known for its fall foliage, Daigo-ji is a Shingon Buddhist temple founded in the early Heian Period. And with a thick layer of snow on it, it’s just gorgeous to behold.

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These wonderful pictures appeared on Twitter in early January showing a side of the temple that doesn’t make an appearance very often.

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While the golden color of Kinkaku Temple shines even brighter next to the pure whiteness of snow, the same can be said for the red paint commonly used at temples.

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Japanese Internet users just can’t get enough of these pictures, as the response has been a unanimous “beautiful!!!” and “I wish I could go there!!!”

Since snow is so rare in the Kyoto area, you can’t plan your next picture-taking trip to coincide with some flurries, but maybe sometime this winter you will be lucky enough yourself to take pictures such as these. In the meantime, you can marvel at these photos and thank your warm fingers that you weren’t the one trying to keep your hands steady in the cold.

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