New Year’s Eve is done and now long gone. We’ve pretty much wrapped up our coverage of the best and worst fukubukuro in Japan, so you may be ready to move on to Valentine’s Day, but we have one more piece of awesomeness left over from December 31, 2014: explosions!

While there were plenty of great fireworks displays around the world, we think this video of the Philippines’ Manila going crazy might be the best of the year. Check out below!

Like many places around the world, the Philippines apparently celebrates the new year with fireworks–and an awful lot of them at that. While you might usually expect fireworks displays to be tightly controlled and calculated, the fine folks of Manila apparently decided all that was nonsense. Instead, as you can see in the video below, which was apparently taken from atop the tallest building in the city, the fireworks were a bit closer to “pure, utter chaos” than calculated. And, it turns out, pure, utter chaos is quite possibly the best way to set off fireworks!

▼You do you, Philippines. You do you!

And here is another video of Manila’s fireworks from another perspective. The video is a bit shaky, but it gives you a good perspective of the “blow up all the things!” attitude of the New Year’s Eve revelers.

Naturally, Japan had some fireworks as well–but perhaps the most elaborate display was at Tokyo Disney Sea which featured a laser light show, Disney songs, and a volcano. Though, we have to say, after seeing Manila, this almost seems boring…

Tokyo Disney Sea wasn’t the only place with exceptionally well-organized sky explosions though–Singaporeans were treated to a splendid show as well at the Marina Bay, complete with some beautiful symphonic music. Of course, the country has a lot to celebrate–2015 is Singapores’s 50th anniversary of independence!

Taiwan also had an impressive fireworks display launched off of Taipei 101, which was the world’s tallest building from 2004 to 2010. And yes, we do mean launched off the building!

Of course, if you’re going for insane but very organized, you might as well go to Dubai, which was certified by Guinness World Records last year as having the largest display. But as pretty as the fireworks are in the video below, we’re more impressed that someone attached 70,000 LED lights to that building.

Regardless of how pretty or carefully planned and executed some of these super-organized fireworks displays were, we still can’t help liking Manila’s madness best. It just seems a lot more festive!

Sources: DDN Japan, GMA News
Images: YouTube