Usually, eating at McDonald’s is a pretty standard experience that doesn’t vary too much from country to country, beyond sampling whatever interesting local variant burgers are available, that is. It’s probably why nervous travellers often make a beeline for McDonald’s rather than opt to experiment with the local cuisine. However, eating at McDonald’s in Taiwan usually always guarantees a little extra entertainment to go with your fries – in the form of cosplaying waitresses! We’ve already reported about their maid costumes, kitty schoolgirl costumes, and sexy doctor and nurse costumes, and now we’re happy to report that Taiwanese Maccy D’s have gone all-American by adopting cheerleader costumes, as well! Join us after the jump for the pics!

Upon entering the fast-food eatery, you’ll be greeted by a cheesy grin and possibly some cheeseburgers.


While the cheerleader uniforms perhaps aren’t as snazzy as we might have hoped, they certainly look comfy. To be honest, we were picturing something in the traditional red and yellow McDonald’s colour scheme, but then again, we’re picky.


If you were hoping the staff was going to leap on each other’s shoulders in human pyramid formation while yelling “cheer if you want fries with that!,” we’re sorry to report that everything seems to be business as usual, albeit conducted in form-fitting shiny lycra.


There’s even cheerleading oufits for the boys, although they’re spared having to wear a little frilly skirt. Nobody gets pompoms, though (we guess it might be a health hazard to have something that could potentially trap thousands of germs rustling around over everyone’s fries and boxes of nuggets).


Netizens in Japan were delighted by the above snaps, with many cooing over the cuteness of the cheerleader outfits and the brightness of the McDonald’s staff’s smiles. Perhaps one commenter put it best when they said: “Taiwanna go there now!” Hmm, with the recent trouble McDonald’s has been having in Japan, perhaps a little cosplay could do wonders to boost sales!