Twins, triplets, and even more multiple births are a natural occurrence, made even more common in recent years thanks to the increasing use of fertility drugs. While I’m sure we can all think of a couple of famous identical twins, not all multiples look alike – some can even be different genders – but it’s generally expected that both (or all) of the children have the same parents. But as one daddy in China is finding out, this isn’t always the case!

Gang Zhou, a wealthy businessman from the city of Yiwu in the Zhejiang province of China, noticed that, as his twin sons grew, one of them did not resemble either himself or anyone on his side of the family. Concerned, he eventually decided to have a DNA test done, just to be sure. The results shocked not only him, but the specialists as well.

One of the twins was his. The other was not.

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Dun dun dunnn…

As bizarre as this sounds, it is by no means impossible. Normally, during ovulation a woman releases only one egg, but sometimes multiple eggs can be released at the same time. If two eggs are released and both are fertilized, they will become fraternal twins, as opposed to identical twins which come from a single egg that has split. Some biology basics for those of you who were asleep in class the day it was covered.

Now, say, a woman has released two eggs, and has sexual relations with multiple men around the time that the eggs are viable. In such cases, it is certainly possible that each egg could be fertilized by the sperm of different men, resulting in fraternal twins with different fathers.

Though Mr. Zhou’s case is not the first, it is definitely a rarity.

“There’s a one in a million chance of this happening,” one specialist remarked in surprise. “You have just as much chance of winning big in the lottery.”

To complicate matters for Mr. Zhou, the twins were not conceived between him and his legal wife who, for reasons not stated, was unable to have children. Instead, he had the twins with a “lover.”

After receiving the shocking news, Mr. Zhou angrily mentioned that he would have to “check with his mistress” about the matter.

Looks like he isn’t the only one getting some extra lovin’ on the side!

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