A female billiards judge recently made a big splash on the Chinese Interwebs – notorious for going completely bonkers any time a pretty girl does… just about anything – when photos of her reffing a local pool tournament sporting a plunging neckline went up on Chinese social media.

We presume the woman, whose name we can best romanize as Lü Meng Xi Zi, is herself a talented pool player, but as per usual with this type of story, details about the woman herself are inversely proportional to the number of pictures of her that are circulating, perhaps due to the combination of the constant leaning forward required to play pool and her choice of decidedly low-cut tops.


Reading comments gathered from Chinese netizens – some of which are face-palmingly nonsensical and lecherous – you can practically feel the slight breeze produced from their collective heavy mouth breathing:


“She must be in the heavyweight class.” (Wrong sport there, buddy.)

“I’m not sure which ‘balls’ I should be following…”

“I’ve decided to follow her ‘balls’ very closely.”

“I… I swear I’m just here for the billiards!”

And on and on. Side note: While the puns about “balls” don’t really work in English, we’re sure they go over better in Chinese and Japanese – where the kanji for “sphere” (球) can be applied to balls used in sports as well as, like, boobies.

To the judge’s credit, she seems to be an independent, ambitious and success-oriented lady and is by all accounts much, much more than the sum of her ample bosom and winning smile. She even flatly tells local media that she, “Doesn’t rely on her breasts [to get by],” which, in fairness, is curious since we couldn’t find a single photo of her not sporting monstrous cleavage:





Photos: Weibo
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