In this consumerist culture of ours, it seems like the never-ending scramble to acquire more and bigger worldly goods and possessions is becoming increasingly futile as economic issues tend to scupper every attempt we make at achieving those perhaps impossible ideals. It’s no wonder, then, that people are increasingly turning to minimalism and simplicity in their lives and in their homes. The Japanese aesthetic concept of wabi-sabi extols the virtues of living a life that is simple, rustic and close to nature, and we’ve been seeing elements of this start to crop up increasingly in the west, with the recent adoption of tiny, eco-friendly houses providing a possible alternative to an energy-guzzling modern pile of bricks.

Today we’d like to show you around one such teensy home, modelled around a traditional Japanese house and encompassing only 10 x 20 feet of space. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this mini-house, though, is that it was all made by the hands of one man – American Chris Heininge.

According to his website, Chris Heininge spent 20 years travelling around Asia as a Christian missionary, visiting countries such as India, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan. During this time he became interested in Japanese construction and design, and eventually went into the family business of construction himself, building several “tiny houses” inspired by the architecture and craftsmanship he’d seen on his travels. His latest creation is this miniature Japanese “Tiny House”, which for the asking price of $70,000 comes complete with a bathroom, sleeping loft and kitchen/dining room, and also features a simulated fireplace!

Let’s take a look inside!

We’re loving the simple design inside, and that seat looks super-cosy!

Check out the simulated fireplace! There’s also plenty of storage space available, with drawers built right into the stairs!

While the inside is undoubtedly pretty snug, it’s really not much more of a squeeze than your average Tokyo apartment, with the added benefit of being able to up sticks and move to another patch if you don’t like your neighbours!

The bathtub is just the right size for one!

We’d prefer a little more elbow room at the sink, but this really has everything you need.

The replica Japanese Tiny House shown in the pictures is one of a kind, and is currently the only Tiny House that Heininge has for sale. According to his website, the house’s eventual buyer will receive everything shown in the pictures, and he will personally deliver the house to the buyer provided they live within 50 miles of Portland, Oregon.