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Taking up cosplay as a hobby takes a pretty significant time commitment to put together that perfect costume to dress up as your favorite video game, comic book or movie character. And for those of us without the, ahem, natural assets to boost our cosplay game, buying all those wigs, fashion accessories and snowman apparel can make the hobby an extremely expensive way to spend your free time.

However, this innovative cosplay enthusiast from Thailand doesn’t let his limited budget get in the way of making some creative, and frankly, kind of creepy costumes. We’ve spotted him before, but click below to see his latest creative, if not incredibly cheap, take on Dragonball Z, the Teletubbies, Taylor Swift and much more.

The Thai man behind the Low Cost Cosplay Facebook page admittedly spends as little as possible on his costumes and instead uses what’s around him, including cardboard boxes, plenty of tape, and even some fruit. His somewhat simple approach to cosplay may not land him any prizes for attention to detail, but his super quick designs means his fans won’t be waiting around too long to see his newest costume. For example, to become the inflatable robot Baymax from the latest Disney cartoon Big Hero 6, he just used some white paint and a black marker.

▼ Hey Disney, ever think about going live-action for the sequel with Low Cost Cosplay?

2015.01.10 thai cosply 3Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

While there are plenty of opportunities for those dedicated to cosplay to show off their craft and take tips from others, Low Cost Cosplay celebrates using what’s available to create a one-of-a-kind costume. Taking days to make the perfect costume to become Gon Freecss from the Japanese manga Hunter x Hunter may land you applause in other parts of the cosplay universe, but all you need here is a spare tennis racket bag, a pair of white underwear and a white undershirt. These cosplay fans aren’t looking for perfection, they’re looking for a quick get-up that will make them laugh.

▼ Either this man is doing cosplay or he has no idea how to play tennis

2015.01.10 thai cosply 2Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

▼ We’re not sure that’s the right way to play a guitar, but this is the right Shizuzka-chan from Doraemon costume to thoroughly crack us up

2015.01.10 thai cosply 4Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

From using massive amounts of scotch tape as an unforgettable Mickey Mouse to somehow incorporating carrots in a Dragonball Z-inspired costume, it’s hard to pick a favorite look from this Thai genius. Check out some of the low-budget outfits that caught our eye and let us know what you think in the comments below!

▼ While this Teletubbies remake is pretty disturbing, to be fair, the original is pretty terrifying

2015.01.10 thai cosply 1Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

▼ Taylor Swift enjoying an ice cream cone and a Thai cosplayer recreating the scene. We’ll let you figure out which one is which.

2015.01.10 thai cosply 12Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

▼ Doraemon after a particularly rough night

2015.01.10 thai cosply 10Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

▼ The Elsa cosplay outfit for when your bank account is Frozen

2015.01.10 thai cosply 6Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

▼ Kamen Rider meets Low Cost Cosplay and apparently forgot half his uniform

2015.01.10 thai cosply 7Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

▼ A plastic bottle and some forced perspective and voila, Buzz Lightyear

2015.01.10 thai cosply 15Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

▼ Goku doing a special PSA pitch about adding nutrient-rich carrots to your diet

2015.01.10 thai cosply 8Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

▼ Pikachu, I do NOT choose you

2015.01.10 thai cosply 9Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

▼ The forgotten Hellraiser movie where Pinhead taught us how to use Q-tips correctly

2015.01.10 thai cosply 13Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

▼ Cleverly placed bowls and plenty of scotch tape make for one scary-looking Mickey Mouse

2015.01.10 thai cosply 14Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

▼ I bet you had no idea Stallone has had a Thai body double all these years

2015.01.10 thai cosply 16Image: Facebook (lowcostcosplay)

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